Probate services Kingston upon Thames

Probate services are required when an individual passes away and their belongings need to be dealt with. A Grant of Probate or a Letter of Administration should be done and conceded by the Probate Registry before anything can move forward with the processing of the estate. These reports give the individual recorded on the document the power to make choices concerning the estate.

A Grant of Probate will be issued if there is a Will with at least one executor – they will apply for the probate.

A Grant of Letters of Administration is required when there is no Will. A relative will typically apply for this.

When this has been done, the estate administration can start.

We know that this entire process can be very overpowering and convoluted, that is why Saxon Kings can assist you with all probate services in Kingston upon Thames.

With regards to probate services in Kingston upon Thames, we are here to help you at all times. To give you an indication of what the process involves, here are the stages of a probate:

Stage 1: Determine the estate estimation and confirming entitlement to the Will.

Stage 2: Pay the Inheritance Tax where needed.

Stage 3: Apply for Probate so as to have lawful authority over the estate.

Stage 4: Once the Probate has been issued, the estate will start to sell the assets, settle the liabilities and pay any extra types of Tax.

Stage 5: Preparing the records and sending the last balance of the books to the executors of the estate for endorsement.

Stage 6: The proceeds of the Will will be dispersed.